A rich pool of testimonials covering all aspects of working with you – from specific products and programs to your personality, skills, and unique talents – will help potential clients feel inspired and confident making a "yes" decision to hire you as their coach… or to invest in your new program.

But testimonials don’t have to be limited to the traditional “I-loved-your-stuff-here’s-why” format.  Client success stories can also be used in a variety of ways that produce the same impact (and sometimes even a better one) as a testimonial.

Sometimes a single “sound bite” is all you need to make the point.  On the other hand, a great story that your ideal client can relate to will pull in readers and keep them engaged.

Ideally, you have a system for routinely collecting and updating testimonials and success stories. (IAWC Members — For some creative ways to get more feedback from clients, don’t miss the association print newsletter!)

As your database of testimonials grows, start looking for compelling and unique ways to use them throughout your business for maximum impact. Here are 7 creative ways you can use your testimonials to attract new, ideal clients:

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7 Easy-to-Implement Ezine Marketing Tips

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Your ezine is one of the best tools you have for communicating regularly with your clients. It will also help you establish the “know, like, and trust” factor with potential clients, as well as solidifying your brand. It’s also a fabulous place to market your business. You can turn your ezine into a powerful marketing […]

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What Coaching Teaches the Coach

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Coaches are often called to their work by personal experiences – dramatic times in their lives when their strengths, beliefs, and mission came together in a powerful breakthrough moment.  Fueled by what they learned, and with an earnest desire to help others dealing with similar problems, they embark on the journey to becoming a professional […]

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3 Steps to Move from 1:1 Coaching to Multiple Income Streams

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Creating and offering new ways to work with clients – such as group programs, teleseminars, live events or products – is a fantastic way to leverage your time and open you up to new and exciting ways to grow your business. Sound daunting given your current schedule? Take heart. Transitioning your 1:1 coaching business to […]

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Which Habits to Ditch for 2013

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Wild success, recognition, personal satisfaction: these ideals are shared by most entrepreneurs as they start their businesses. And although challenging times are expected, somehow, they’re always a surprise when they eventually appear. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to experience opportunities to discover “what kind of stuff you’re made of.” How you handle business challenges has […]

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